Lice Treatment Process

Simple Head Lice Solutions has a professional treatment method that starts with a careful diagnosis to identify the problem. Next we begin the treatment process to eliminate all of the head lice and their eggs. Finally we educate you and your family on the prevention and control of head lice. We use all natural products to manually remove head lice and their eggs. All of the natural products used in combination with our meticulous combing method using professional grade stainless steel nit combs.


We have created our own method of combing and do not follow a strand by strand method. Kathy Shepherd created the strand by strand combing method. According to her research at the Shepherd’s Institute, this method of combing will leave you 98% nit or egg free. Lice eggs are indentified three ways. Empty eggs, are those that have already hatched, viable eggs, those that are ready to hatch, and finally, there are premature eggs. These eggs are nearly invisible to the naked eye and although we have the best combs on the market they are also too tiny to remove with our combs, which is why a topical application in one week is required and recheck is always recommended.


A removal is done after a diagnosis is received.  A combination of treatments will be used to ensure complete removal. The total number of treatments to get complete removal will be dictated by the level of infestation you can estimate your total treatments here. A light infestation will clear in one treatment this will be a very new infestion of one week or less so one bug a dozen or so eggs . An average infestation will clear with two treatments this will be an infestion of two-4 weeks 5-10 bugs and 30-40 eggs.  If its a heavier infestation it will require 3 treatments this will be an infestion of 4-6 weeks you may have 30-40 bugs and 100-300 eggs.  If its a severe infestation you may need 4 or more treatments this would be an infestation of 6 weeks or more and you may have 100 plus bugs and 500-1500 eggs. A removal would be considered complete when all bugs and eggs are removed however you can stop combing at any time during the removal process and you can get as many or as little treatments as you desire.


When comparing our product to common over the counter treatments, you will see how our product is superior. The over the counter treatments are actually topical pesticides that you are applying to your childs head. The pesticide is a neurotoxin that works by affecting the nervous systems of the bugs. A premature egg, one that has been laid less than 72 hours, does not have a neurological system. Therefore the pesticide will have zero affect on a premature egg. The over the counter products have been over used for so long that some strains of head lice will not even be killed with the pesticide anymore. So after you do your treatment you will still have live bugs on your head and the cycle will continue.


Our product is not a pesticide. The bugs will never become resistant to our product because it is pesticide free and it will work to kill the bugs every time!


We recommend two cedar oil treatments to be done a week apart. We will perform the first treatment on you the day of your service. Afterwards you will treat again topical in about 7-10 days. After the topical treatment is done at home we always recommend a recheck but that can also be done at home. If anything is found on the recheck we would recommend another removal to be done.


Remember we are here to help but most importantly we make it Simple!

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