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Lice is not a word any parent wants to hear, but it happens. Kids contract

lice every day in school, daycares and during sports activities. This does

not mean that you have to endure an infestation for your entire family or

even that you need to treat it yourself. Our professionals offer in-home lice

treatment that is safe, effective and takes the stress off of you.



Get it Done Right

Who wants to waste time, energy and money on ineffective lice treatment?

The over-the- counter products do not always deliver as promised, not to

mention the fact that many of them are toxic! Our professionals use natural

solutions for lice treatment that work the first time around. There are no

side effects and you have the benefit of the professional services of people

that do this for a living. This alone can give you the peace of mind that is

hard to find when lice invade your home.



A One Package Deal

Many lice removal treatment centers require you to pay by the hour, costing

you an arm and a leg to eliminate lice from your life. At Simple Head Lice

Solutions, we offer our clients a package deal. You pay one price for the

consultation, removal and follow-up appointment. This means no hourly

charges or extra costs because your child needs a break or refuses to sit still.

We offer affordable and caring packages that treat not only the

lice, but also the emotions and fears that go along with it.



Let our professionals come to you to remove the lice from your child’s

head. This gives you the benefit of knowing the lice are gone and your child

the benefit of being in the comfort of his or her own home.

It is normal for anyone to feel uneasy or upset when lice take over their child,

so why not secure treatment at home where everyone is the most comfortable?

Call us for your in-home appointment today.