Safe Lice Removal in Thousand Oaks


Finding out your child has lice can be frightening. You feel as if you cannot

wash their hair enough and sometimes you even feel it on yourself, even if

you don’t have lice. The bad news is washing your child’s hair is not

enough; you have to kill the lice with an effective treatment. All too often,

killing lice means using harmful chemicals and pesticides which can do

more harm than good. If you knew the ingredients in the lice removal

medications available over-the- counter, you would likely steer clear of

them, but where does that leave you? This is where Simple Head Lice

Solutions in Thousand Oaks saves the day! Our professionals offer a safe,

non-toxic, and effective treatment for head lice at an affordable price.



Knowledgeable Staff

Why take a chance removing head lice from your child’s head when you do

not have the experience and knowledge to do so? Wouldn’t you rather

have professionals that have the education, background, and tools to

effectively do it for you? Our professionals use completely natural products

that effectively remove lice the first time. Our staff understands the worries

that come along with this issue, which is why we work closely with every

family member to help everyone feel at peace. Our professionals offer a

package deal that treats the lice for as long as it takes depending on the

hair length and type. We know what works on each hair type and

administer the effective treatment.



A One Price Package

One of the many perks of using Simple Head Lice Solutions in Thousand

Oaks is our one price package. In this package you receive complete head

lice removal, no matter how long it takes; a follow-up appointment within 10

days at no charge; and education to prevent any further infestations. This

helps to put parent’s minds at ease when we have to administer treatment

to small children’s heads that just cannot sit still for long. You do not pay by

the hour or have to pay for extra services; the package price includes

everything it takes to remove the lice once and for all.



Toxic Free Treatment

Removing lice does not have to mean the use of toxic chemicals that can

harm other areas of your child’s health. The professionals at Simple Head

Lice Solutions use a treatment that is natural, yet powerful enough to kill

even premature eggs that typically require follow-up treatment. Our

treatment reduces the need for the follow-up treatment, keeping kids and

parents happy.



Lice infestation is not pleasant to deal with, but when you work with our

professionals, we make the process as simple as possible. We understand

the need for peace of mind not only for the child, but for the other family

members as well. We offer in-person consultations as well as Skype

consultations for those times when you just don't have the time for an

appointment. As an added bonus, we are available around-the- clock.



Call us for your appointment today.