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At Simple Head Lice Solutions in Riverside, our professionals help you

eliminate lice from your household with natural products. We eliminate the

need to rely on the toxic over-the- counter products that can cause serious

side effects while effectively treating your child’s lice. Our professionals

work hard to stay on top of the latest techniques for lice removal while

helping you to have peace of mind during this uneasy time in your life.



Stop Using Toxic Products

Lice removal products generally contain toxic ingredients that have harmful

side effects. Due to the fact lice affect your scalp, it is easy for the toxins to

get into your child’s body. At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we use products

that not only work, but are safe for your child’s head too. We use methods

that we know work not only on the mature lice, but on the premature eggs

as well.



At Your Service

We understand that lice infestations do not always get discovered at

opportune times. Whether you find them at the wee hours of the morning

after your child’s shower or at bedtime, we are there for you. We offer

service by appointment only to help you get treatment or consultation when

you need it. Whether you prefer that we come to you or you come to our

private salon, our professionals will help you through this trying time.




If you are concerned about lice or need lice removal, call our office today to

schedule your appointment.