Professional Non-Toxic Lice Removal in Temecula


Lice infestations can be scary. Between treating everything your child’s

head has touched and applying medications to his head, it can feel like a

never-ending battle. Let the professionals at Simple Head Lice Solutions in

Temecula help make the process easier and safer for you! Our

professionals administer a safe, non-toxic treatment that works to remove

lice once and for all. We have developed a proprietary method that not only

removes the mature lice and their eggs, but also the premature eggs that

would otherwise cause a future infestation. We do all of this with safe

medication that involves no chemicals and no dangerous side effects.



Professional Results

What you receive when you use the services of Simple Head Lice Solutions

is caring, safe, and affordable treatment. You have probably heard at some

point that professional lice removal is too expensive for most people to

afford. They charge by the hour, which means if you have a restless child

or a child with long hair, you could be forking over your entire paycheck to

remove the pesky lice. With our company, this is not the case. We provide

our professional services for a one-time package fee. There are no hourly

prices or astronomical commitments. In fact, our packages offer not only

the lice removal, but also a follow up to ensure the lice are completely

gone, as well as education for the child and family on how to prevent future

lice occurrences.



Service When You Need It

At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we know that nothing happens at

convenient times. You find your child’s head lice at bedtime and you know

that all offices are closed, forcing you to run out to the drugstore to

purchase over-the- counter medication with harsh chemicals or wait until the

next day when the infestation can be even worse. Our professionals are

available 24/7 for you. Call or email us right away and we will help you

figure out the solution that works best for everyone involved. Do you need

us to see your child right away? We offer Skype consultations to help you

determine if your child does have lice and what the next step should be.

This gives you a plan in place right away, giving you the peace of mind that

often is not available when lice occur.



Stop Using Harsh Chemicals

Our process is simple and safe, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals

for lice removal. Protect your child’s health and wellness with our affordable

and safe treatments. Our professionals know how to remove the lice

effectively so that they do not come back. Plus, we offer our follow-up

services as a part of our package to ensure you that all lice are gone.



Call us today to set up your appointment or email us for more information.

Our professionals will immediately consult with you and help you determine

the next appropriate step. We look forward to helping you and your child

achieve the peace of mind that is hard to come by with lice infestation.