Professional and Natural Head Lice Removal in Calabasas

No parent wants to receive the phone call that their child has lice, but it

happens more often than you think at the elementary school age. Rather

than scouring the internet looking for the right solution, let the professionals

at Simple Head Lice Solutions in Calabasas help. Our professionals

perfected a natural treatment that works the first time and does not pose

any danger to your child’s health.



Stop Worrying About Toxins

It seems like everywhere we go today there are toxins. When you apply

medication to your child’s scalp, you put those toxins into one of the largest

organs of his body. Rather than risking the dangerous side effects of this

medication, utilize our natural treatment administered by our professionals

that care about each and every one of our clients.



A Package Deal

You might have heard that lice removal is expensive because most

professionals charge by the hour. That is what sets our company, Simple

Head Lice Solutions apart. We do not charge by the hour; instead, we

charge a one-time fee. In this package, you receive complete head lice

removal no matter how long it takes; a follow-up appointment within 10

days of treatment; and education on how to prevent a lice infestation in the

future. The price of your package depends on the hair type and length that

we treat, but everything is included in every package.



Service When You Need It

Timing seems to be everything in today’s world and our children’s issues

and illnesses seem to have the worst timing of all. You do not have to worry

if you find the lice infestation in the middle of the night or the middle of the

day and need a same-day appointment. Our professionals offer a variety of

appointments 24/7 to help put your mind at ease.

If you are unsure if there are lice on your child’s head, schedule a

consultation via Skype and we can help you determine if there is an issue.

If you know there are lice and want them removed now, determine if you

prefer in-home treatment or a visit to our private salon in Calabasas; our

professionals can offer both types of appointments.



The bottom line is we are here to help. We know how scary a lice

infestation can be. We also know the worry that comes along with it long

after the treatment takes place. You wonder if the lice are back; you might

even picture them in your mind even if they are not there. That is why our

professionals come back for a follow-up within 10 days of treatment, to give

you that peace of mind.



Are you ready to find out how our safe, non-toxic lice treatment in

Calabasas can help? Give us a call to schedule your appointment or

discuss the treatment in detail with one of our professionals. With our

around-the- clock service, we are here to help you get your child back to

good health.


Call Simple Head Lice Solutions today Bullhead City California! Our staff is professional, friendly, and ready to help!        888-540-9853