Professional Head Lice Removal in Murrieta, CA


Do you think that the only way to remove head lice is with harsh chemicals

and pesticides? We are here to tell you they are not necessary. Our

professionals at Simple Head Lice Solutions in Murrieta, CA provide safe

and natural treatment that is just as effective as the harsh chemicals. The

difference is that there are no dangerous side effects that put your child’s

health at risk.



Affordable Treatment

Lice treatment done by professionals has a bad rap because of its

expense. People complain about how much they had to fork over just to

remove the lice and get the peace of mind that parents need that the lice

are gone. With our company, the treatment is affordable and effective. We

offer a flat fee service that includes the lice removal, follow-up service, and

education for the family to prevent lice from coming back. We provide all of

this for one charge, which we base off of your child’s hair type and length.

We do not time the service and charge more money the longer the

treatment takes; however long it takes is what we will do. Rest assured, our

professionals are efficient and effective at what they do.



Service Whenever You May Need It

How many lice removal services in Murrieta, CA do you know of that are

available around the clock? That is what we offer at Simple Head Lice

Solutions because we know that issues come up at the strangest times. We

are here for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We even offer same day

appointments either in your home or at our private salon. We want you to

feel as comfortable and safe as possible as we help you get through the

lice infestation affecting your child’s head.



Toxins Are Not Necessary

At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we pride ourselves on the use of the non-

toxic and completely safe procedures we use to remove lice, both mature

and premature. With our treatment, you can relax knowing that all eggs are

removed and that future infestations are very unlikely. Just to put your mind

at ease, we even come back within 10 days of the initial treatment to

ensure that all lice are gone and that your child is back to 100% good

health. This is all done without the use of any harsh chemicals that could

have dangerous side effects down the road.



Education for the Family

At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we pride ourselves on the education we

provide families to help prevent lice from coming back. Our professionals

will work with your family members to ensure that everyone understands

what they can do to prevent infections from affecting them in the future.

Call us today to schedule your appointment or to discuss your child’s

symptoms. We even offer Skype consultations if you need someone to see

your child right away for your peace of mind. Our professionals are

available 24/7, so give us a call today.