Simple Head Lice Solutions Pricing

At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we’ve taken the guesswork out of head lice removal pricing. We don’t charge by the hour, so you won’t have to keep checking your watch while we are treating  you.  Since we are not charging by the hour we have no reason to make the appointment take longer than it should. Having head lice can be very traumatic for children and they should be able to get a break whenever they need it without you having to worry about being charged for the extra time. Take home products are not included with any of the services.

The total number of treatments to get complete removal will be dictated by the level of infestation you can estimate your total treatments here. A light infestation will clear in one treatment this will be a very new infestion of one week or less so one bug a dozen or so eggs . An average infestation will clear with two treatments this will be an infestion of two-4 weeks 5-10 bugs and 30-40 eggs.  If its a heavier infestation it will require 3 treatments this will be an infestion of 4-6 weeks you may have 30-40 bugs and 100-300 eggs.  If its a severe infestation you may need 4 or more treatments this would be an infestation of 6 weeks or more and you may have 100 plus bugs and 500-1500 eggs. A removal would be considered complete when all bugs and eggs are removed however you can stop combing at any time during the removal process and you can get as many or as little treatments as you desire.

Current Pricing –

  • Head Checks

    In Salon Head Checks Are $10 - In Home Head Checks Are $25-

  • Manual Removal

    $25 Per Treatment Per Head- 2 per head on average needed for full removal


Additional Fees

  • Extra Curly / Thick/ Ethnic Hair

    if you can brush the hair with a regular comb at home this extra fee will not apply to you so do not worry if it's wavy.

  • Detangling

    Depending on severity $25 or more depending on severity. Professional detangling services are offered here.

    $25 Up

Forms of Payment Accepted

We accept cash, credit/debit cards . We do not accept checks.

We offer a 10% active military discount with a valid military ID.

We offer a %10 School Staff Discount