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When a child comes home with lice, it is easy to panic. What do you do?

What products work the best? These are just a few of the things that run

through the minds of panicked parents. Rather than putting the stress on

yourself to try to treat an infestation that you know nothing about, consider

using the professional services of Simple Head Lice Solutions. Our San

Clemente Lice Removal Treatment Center offers professional services at

our salon or in your home to rid the lice from your child’s head once and for




Non-Toxic Treatment

The most important factor regarding our lice treatment is the fact that it is

all-natural. Did you know that most of the products sold over-the- counter to

remove lice have dangerous side effects? Our professionals only use

products that are non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages and we only use

the products that we know work.


Consultation, Removal, and Follow-Up

There is nothing worse than assuming you removed all of the lice from your

child’s head only to find more a few weeks down the road. At Simple Head

Lice Solutions, we prevent that from happening to you. We offer a

consultation to determine the level of infestation, treatment, and a follow-up

appointment within 10 days to ensure that the lice are in fact gone.



In-Home Or At Our Salon

Some kids are more comfortable at home and we understand that. We

want your child to be as comfortable as possible as we eliminate lice from

their head. Let our professionals come to you and help your child in the

place he or she feels the most secure.



Call our office today for a lice consultation or to schedule your lice removal

appointment. Our professionals are ready and willing to help you eliminate

lice from your life!