Our Low Cost Lice Removal Treatment Option

Simple Head Lice Solutions is happy to offer families a low cost option in our lice removal salon locations only.


If you have been struggling to get rid of head lice and cannot afford manual removal this option may be for you.


For $25 per head for girls or $15 per head for boys we will apply product to each family member in need of lice treatment. Our product will immediately kill all of the adult lice or nymphs on your head stopping them from laying more eggs or nits on your head. After we apply our product we will then apply a shower cap firmly around your head. We will advise to leave the product on for as long as possible. Leaving the product on your head it will continue to saturate the scalp and kill the bugs and eggs.


Once you remove the cap we recommend to comb your hair out with a fine toothed comb to remove as many eggs or nits as you can. The eggs or nits will never just fall off of your hair they will continue to grow out with the hair and will become visible. So for aesthetic reasons we recommend to comb them out to removal them.


A second lice treatment application will be recommended again in one week.


We do sell our product in our lice removal treatment centers so you are able to apply the second application yourself, but it may be more cost effective to return to our lice removal treatment salon for the second application.


If you have any questions or would like more information please call Simple Head Lice Solutions at 888-540-9853.

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