Simple Head Lice Solutions Customer Guarantee

Our guarantee requires a full removal to be done if you do not finish the removal and do less treatment than recommended by your technician you have voided any and all guarantees.


Our guarantee requires that all family members living in the same household be manually checked by us and/or treated by us at the same time or within 24 hours of each other. No exceptions.


Our guarantee requires that you have reapplied Louses Last Breath Lice Treatment to all affected family members within the 7-10 day time period after your initial treatment was received.


Our guarantee requires a follow up exam to be completed before the 30 day deadline. This recheck exam must be performed in order for the guarantee to be honored and no exceptions will be made.


At the time of the recheck exam if we find any evidence of lice and you have followed all necessary guidelines above you will be retreated again but you will still pay $10 for a recheck.


If you find any signs of continued infestation after a manual head lice treatment but before your recheck exam within the 30 day time period you must keep what you have found and provide us with proof no exceptions.