Natural Lice Removal in Los Angeles


Lice removal does not have to mean the use of harsh chemicals and

expensive treatments. At Simple Lice Removal Solutions in Los Angeles

we provide natural, safe, and affordable lice removal in the comfort of your

own home. Our professionals know the importance of reducing the toxic

exposure our children receive in order to preserve their future health while

ensuring that the lice are completely removed. This is why our professional

services are offered around-the- clock and in the comfort of your own home.



Our Professionals Do the Work

Frantically working on your child’s hair with toxic chemicals will not do

anyone any good. Even after the treatment, most parents worry about the

lice coming back; it is a never-ending cycle. When you use our professional

lice removal services in Los Angeles, however, our professionals do the

work, while you relax. We know the proper techniques that remove the lice

once and for all. Just to put your mind at ease, we even offer a follow-up

appointment as a part of the complete package. Our professionals will

come back and ensure that there are no more lice eggs ready to hatch,

helping you to put the lice infestation behind you.



One Package at One Price

You have likely heard that lice removal is expensive. This might be true for

the companies that charge by the hour, but at Simple Lice Removal

Solutions, we charge one flat price for the entire treatment. With this one

price, you receive a consultation, lice removal, follow-up appointment within

10 days, and education to prevent future infestations. The price you pay

depends on the length and type of hair being treated. That is the only

difference between the prices each client pays. We do not charge extra for

extra wiggly kids that need a break from the combing treatment. We do not

charge extra to come back and ensure you that the lice are in fact, gone. It

is a one-time charge for the full and complete treatment.



No Toxins Present

Your child’s scalp is a gateway to the rest of his body. If you use over-the-

counter lice medication, you could be putting toxic chemicals into your

child’s body. We do not know what those chemicals do, but we do know

they are not meant for humans. Rather than taking the risk of dangerous

side effects, use our natural, non-toxic treatment that is just as effective, if

not more effective than the harsh chemicals. Wouldn’t you feel better about

natural treatment?



What happens if you discover lice during non-business hours? The good

news is we offer around-the- clock service. This means 24-hours a day, 7-

days a week you can reach us for a consultation or to make an

appointment. We even offer same day appointments as needed.



Call us today to schedule your in-home or private salon appointment to

consult, remove, or follow-up on your lice removal. We are here to help you

not only remove lice, but to achieve the peace of mind you need once the

infestation occurs.