Late & Missed Salon Appointment Policy

Late Appointments

Treatment or Head Check Appointments

Tardiness is a major disruption to our day to day operations.  If you arrive 15 minutes or more late to your scheduled treatment appointment time you risk the chance of your appointment being cancelled and a missed appointment fee of $25 being charged to your account. 

If you have scheduled an appointment for 4 people everyone needs to come in at the same time. We cannot have 2 people arriving on time and 2 people arriving late. If everyone is not there at the start of the appointment they will need to reschedule for another day or time.


Complimentary Recheck Appointments

If you have a complimentary recheck appointment and you are 15 min late or more you will not be accepted. You will need to reschedule your recheck time for a later day or time. Your free rechecks will also be voided and head check fees will apply for the next appointment time.

Everyone in the family who was treated together needs to recheck together. Everyone needs to show up to the recheck appointment at the same time. Do not schedule a set recheck time and plan on one family member coming later they will not be accepted.


Missed Appointment Policy

If you miss your appointment and do not call to cancel or reschedule at least 2 hours before your scheduled appointment time we will not reschedule your appointment without a $50 dollar deposit and a $25 missed appointment fee. 


Once a deposit is made for the next appointment time your $50 will be credited towards your treatments. If you fail to show up for the next appointment time and do not give at least 2 hour advanced notice of cancellation your deposit will be forfeited and no refunds or credit for service will be given.


If you schedule more than 24 hours in advance a deposit may apply to hold your appointment. The deposit will go towards your service. Late appointment and missed appointment policy will apply.


All fees will be required to be paid via online invoice. A $5 invoice fee will also be added to the transaction.

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