Las Vegas In-Home Lice Removal Treatment



By Appointment Only!


Life can seem to throw you a major curve-ball when your child hashead lice. Rather than trying to handle the situation yourself, you can secure the help of the professionals at Simple Head Lice Solutions in Las Vegas. Our professionals offer in-home lice removal treatment that is natural, safe and effective. To make matters even better, our prices are extremely affordable, making it an easy decision to make when trying to eliminate lice from your child’s head.


Professional Caring Staff


The largest benefit you gain by allowing our staff to effectively remove lice from your child’s head is the peace of mind you receive that it was done right. How do you know you took the right steps and that you removed all of the eggs? What if your child experiences another infestation down the road? Our staff not only ensures that the issue is resolved, but we also provide aftercare instructions for your home and your heads to avoid re infestation.


No Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides


Most of the over-the-counter medications or prescriptions offered for head lice removal treatment contain harmful chemicals that you cannot even pronounce. Do you want to use these on your child’s head? At Simple Head Lice Solutions in Las Vegas, we use a non-toxic treatment that is effective, yet safe. There are no side effects that could occur, and the treatment yields results better than the products you find over-the-counter. Our treatment is also pediatrician recommended.

A One Price Package


At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we offer a one-price package based on the length of your child’s hair. We do not charge hourly charges or extra fees because of the length of time it took to remove the lice from your child’s head. Our job is not complete until we get it all!

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