Silverado California

Simple Head Lice Solutions is a professional head lice removal company currently providing treatment in Silverado California. We are proud to offer residents in Silverado California, professional and affordable head lice removal treatment. We are an expert team of head lice removal technicians that are dedicated to private and reliable treatment services. We specialize in the elimination and eradication of head lice, nits, louse, and their eggs and provide treatment that is quick and discrete. All of our skilled technicians are highly trained and experienced to approach each treatment with full professional care.

Simple Head Lice Solutions has been providing residents in Silverado California, expert head lice treatment for many years so you can rest assure knowing you are receiving the best treatment possible. We have many treatment options including in-home- on-site, phone and skype consultations that  are professional and private. You can trust our company to provide professional and effective head lice removal treatment guaranteed.

Simple Head Lice Solutions has an expert team of head lice removal technicians.

To schedule an in-home, on-site, phone or skype consultation call us at 888-540-9853 or 949-441-0081

Professional and Discrete Treatment

Simple Head Lice Solutions is a professional company that honors our clients privacy and that is why clients Silverado California trust our company with their head lice removal treatment. All of our client records and information are fully protected and maintained by strict company policy to ensure client/patient privilege trust and accountability.Simple Head Lice Solutions believes in educating and teaching all of its clients to fully understand the head lice solution.

The company was formed on a strict dedication to professional head lice removal treatments in Silverado California. We also offer informative and educational prevention guides to help our clients understand head lice. Some other companies do not even take the time to follow up with their clients to make sure the treatment was successful, we eliminate head lice in the first treatment, and follow up and to make sure our client status is free of head lice.

For more information or to schedule a treatment call us at 949-441-0081