San Marcos California

Simple Head Solutions can now say that we are putting a stop to head lice and all of the problems that follow in San Marcos, California! Simple Head Lice Solutions offers our clients the opportunity to effectively and safely remove head lice, nits, louse, and their eggs. Simple Head Lice Solutions only uses the most natural products that don’t leave behind redness, soreness, or any residue. Our team can easily come to you, or you can also come to our salon for a discrete and quick head lice removal.

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 In-Home Treatment
• On-Site Treatment
 Delouse Your House! (Yes, Simple Head Lice Solutions will even clean your house with a 100% guarantee)

Again, Simple Head Lice Solutions only uses the best products to remove head lice. All natural, non-toxic, and pesticide free products that will leave you and your family lice free in no time. For more information about our team or what we do, or any questions regarding head lice removal in general please contact us!

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