Rancho Bernardo California

Simple Head Lice Solutions can now make the residents of Rancho Bernardo California head lice free with all-natural head lice removal products! Simple Head Lice Solutions has recently expanded our services to meet the needs of more customers with head lice, nits, louse, and their eggs. We understand our clients and know that having head lice can be a little embarrassing, remember not just children can get head lice, but adults can also attain it and pass it on to each other.

Simple Head Lice Solutions Products and Services

Simple Head Lice Solutions offers 100% all-natural products that are pesticide and toxic free. Over the counter head lice removal products can cause irritation to the scalp, leaving behind dry red skin and even burns! Our products are safe and effective with a guarantee that you will be back to work or school by the very next day of treatment!

Simple Head Lice Solutions also offers In-Home and On-Site Treatment, as well as Free Head Lice Screenings.

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Simple Head Lice Solutions
Rancho Bernardo California