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Harsh chemicals for lice removal are not necessary to remove lice. There are natural alternatives, which are safe and effective. Let the professionals at Simple Head Lice Solutions in Lake Forest, California show you how. Our professionals use the most natural and yet most effective treatments to help your child become lice free without any damaging side effects.

Affordable Treatment for Every Family

You probably think lice removal treatment is very expensive and you could never afford it. At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we are proud to offer a package deal for our families, which everyone can afford. Our packages go by hair length and type. We do not charge by the hour or extra for restless children. We want our services to be available to anyone who needs them as we offer safe and effective treatment for children and adults.

Treatment When You Need It

Many parents find lice infestation on their child’s head at night, while the child is showering or getting ready for bed. Rather than feeling forced to have a restless night’s sleep because of the anxiety you feel over the lice, call us right away. We offer around-the- clock service. We can either talk to you over the phone or have a Skype call where we can see your child’s head and let you know what steps you should take. If your child needs to be seen right away, our professionals can arrange for it to happen.

Natural Treatment

If you look at the ingredients on the over-the- counter remedies available for lice treatment, you will likely see the names of harsh chemicals. Do you want to put these chemicals on your child’s skin, the largest organ on his body? At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we use a non-toxic treatment, which has no side effects yet works even better than the over-the- counter remedies.

Learn About Lice

Learning about lice might not be something you ever imagined wanting to do, but once they affect your child, you want to know everything there is to know about them. Our professionals will help you understand the infestation, how contagious they are, how your child contracted them, and what you can do to help him stay comfortable. We will also help you determine how to prevent an infestation in the future, which is something most parents really want to know.

Follow Up

Once treatment takes place and the lice are gone, you probably will not feel 100% at ease. This is why we offer a follow-up appointment around 10 days after treatment. This gives us the chance to make sure all lice and their eggs are gone and that your family is safe. Many parents appreciate this follow-up appointment the most because they always have that nagging feeling the lice are still around.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for lice removal, call our professionals today. We offer in-home and salon appointments with the utmost discretion. Call us today to get your process started!

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Natural Head Lice Removal Products

Simple Head Lice Solutions in Lake Forest California, use’s 100% all natural lice removal products that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins that can irritate and be harmful. Through our experiences, we have found that using all natural products is safer and more effective then chemical products that tend to leave the skin discolored, dry, and irritated. Simple Head Lice Solutions understand that no one wants harsh chemical liquids on their small children, that is why we believe in using 100% all natural head lice removal products.

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