Fountain Valley California

Simple Head Lice Solutions is now offering our services in Fountain Valley California and surrounding areas! We are a head lice removal company that focuses on removing head lice, nits, louse, and their eggs. Simple Head Lice Solutions uses only the best products too! All of our head lice removal products are all-natural, non-toxic, and pesticide-free.  Many head lice removal products on the the local store shelves can cause skin discoloration, rash, and dry skin.


Why try to beat head lice by yourself when Simple Head Lice Solutions will come to you?

That’s right! Simple Head Lice Solutions now offers In-House and On-Site Treatments. During this aggravating time in your life and you have just about tried every single product on the market…why not call Simple Head Lice Solutions? We will come to you and remove the head lice. The process of removing head lice simply does not get any easier than that! Discrete, professional, and quick…let Simple Head Lice Solutions help you Fountain Valley California!

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