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Simple Head Lice Removal is  Fallbrook California’s #1 Head Lice Removal company! Our specialists can effectively remove head lice, louse, nits, and the eggs associated with lice. We take pride in ourselves and our services and want the very best for our customers, this means we want to take care of the situation 100% the first time! Simple Head Lice Solutions even offers a guarantee that you will be back to work and your children will be back to school the very next day…lice free!

Does Bleach Kill Lice?

Yes and No. The big question is what about the eggs? An egg is laid by a mature bug right next to your scalp. An egg takes approximately 7-10 days to hatch on the head. The egg is developing and incubating from the heat from your head. Premature eggs, those that have been laid less than 72 hours do not have a neurological system. So while bleaching or dying your hair may kill the eggs that do have a neurological system there will be a percentage of eggs on your head that are still viable. These eggs will continue to incubate and hatch. The nymphs will then attach to your scalp until they are old enough to reproduce and the cycle will start all over again. Therefore, you will be bleaching and dying your hair continuously without an end in site!

Our Products

Simple Head Lice Solutions makes it Simple! Our staff can come to you for an In-Home Treatment, or you can come visit us for On-Site TreatmentEither option you choose our products our safe, all-natural, and pesticide free, and will not cause burns to your skin!

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