Escondido California

Simple Head Lice Solutions is now removing head lice, louse, nits, and eggs from children and adults in Escondido California. Yes, even adults can acquire head lice, in fact anyone can be susceptible to the unwelcoming infestation of head lice. However, have no worries Escondido California, Simple Head Lice Solution can safely and effectively get you and your back up and running within one day! We even offer a 100% guarantee that your child/children will be back at school within 24 hours.

Simple Head Lice Solutions only offers the most discrete service too, all of our clients are offered in-home treatment or on-site treatment as well. Our staff is dedicated, loyal, friendly, and most of all knowledgeable about head lice. For more information about head lice in general or just to learn more about Simple Head Lice Solutions in California, please refer to the number below!

Simple Head Lice Solutions Escondido California