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Do you have a child with lice? Are you overwhelmed by the number of choices available to help you treat them? Let Simple Head Lice Solutions in Carlsbad, California help. Our professionals are educated on lice and how to effectively remove them. In addition, the treatment methods we use are completely natural and without any harmful side effects. This is in stark contrast to the options available to you over-the- counter. Our professionals take pride in their service and ability to help keep your child safe while freeing him from a lice infestation.

Natural Products

Our services are all conducted with safe and natural products. Each product we use on your children has been tested and proven to be an effective way to remove lice. What your child will not experience is any type of negative reaction which affects his health and wellbeing. The methods we use are safe, efficient, and effective, enabling your child to move on from the lice infestation quicker than any other treatment would allow.

Service Where You Need It

We know how embarrassing and uncomfortable a lice infestation can make everyone, which is why we offer two options: service in your home or in our salon. You choose which option is the most discrete for you and we will make it happen. Our professionals are discrete, professional, and efficient at their jobs, eliminating the lice from your child’s head and letting you move on with your day with no one knowing what just happened.

One Price Fits All

Many lice removal treatment centers charge by the hour. This means if you have a wiggly child or one who is scared of the treatment, you pay more because the technician is there longer. At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we do not charge by the hour. Instead, we have a one package price which we base on the length and type of hair. We do not charge extra for any extra time you need or even for coming back to help you feel reassured that the lice are gone. We include all of this plus education on lice and how to prevent them in our package price.

Timely Service

We are also proud to offer our clients service any time you need it. What if it is 10 PM and you just discovered your child has lice? Do you have to wait until the morning? With Simple Head Lice Solutions, you do not have to wait! Call us right away and our professionals will talk you through the next step. If you are really nervous or unsure if it is lice, we can Skype call with you so we can see your child and help you determine what you should do.

Call us today at Simple Head Lice Solutions in Carlsbad, California. We can help you eliminate lice from your child’s head right away with same-day appointments available. If you prefer to talk to us over the phone or to have us come to your home, just let us know what you need; we are here to help you!

Professional Head Lice Removal Process

Simple Head Lice Solutions in Carlsbad California offers a helpful and friendly staff to keep your situation discrete. Our process is safe, quick, and 100% guaranteed. We also offer In-Home Treatment and On-Site Treatment at our salon.

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