Bonsall California

Simple Head Lice Solutions now offers our head lice removal services in Bonsall California! We our a company that is dedicated to providing excellent head lice removal services, including the removal of lice itself, nits, louse, and the eggs. Simple Head Lice Solutions has separated itself from the rest of the head lice removal industry by offering a few different options.

What Makes Simple Head Lice Solutions Different From Other Companies?

1. In-Home and On-Site Treatment. Very few head lice companies will go to their customers. Here at Simple Head Solutions we want our clients to feel comfortable in their surroundings, so we can come to you too. Or if you would like you can come to one of our On-Site locations! After all, head lice can happen to anybody! Not only children, but adults alike can be subject to head lice and the unpleasantness of the entire situation.

2. Simple Head Lice Solutions offers home cleaning services for a flat rate. Yes, that’s right. Our staff knows exactly where head lice and their eggs want to be. From pillow cases and stuffed animals to couches and towels, Simple Head Lice Solutions wants each and every client to feel pre-head lice!

3. Our Products. Simple Head Lice Solutions only uses the safest products! Our head lice removal products are 100% all-natural, pesticide free, and toxic free!

For more information about any of our head lice removal services contact Simple Head Lice Solutions today!

Simple Head Lice Solutions
Bonsall California