Simple Head Lice Solutions Follow Up Policy Salon

Anyone who was treated today by our technicians will be able to receive a complimentary recheck. We offer a complimentary recheck appointment 7-10 days after the original treatment date Monday-Friday. If you fail to meet the 7-10 day timeline you will forfeit your free recheck and a $10 per head fee will apply. If you fail to recheck within 2 weeks after your initial treatment date your guarantee will no longer be applicable and no free re-treatments will be made unless you are covered under the extended 30 day guarantee.


Late Recheck Appointment Policy 


If you have a complimentary recheck appointment and you are 15 min late or more you will not be accepted. You will need to reschedule your recheck time for a later day or time. Your free rechecks will also be voided and head check fees will apply for the next appointment time.


Everyone in the family who was treated together needs to recheck together. Everyone needs to show up to the recheck appointment at the same time. Do not schedule a set recheck time and plan on one family member coming later they will not be accepted. If you request separate appointment times for everyone in the family head check fees will be incurred.


Detangling Requirements


Your hair must be free of tangles before you arrive for your recheck. If we have to detangle the hair a fee will be incurred. Detangling fees range from $10-$25 per head depending on severity.


Scheduling Requirements


Recheck times are specific and require an appointment walk ins are not accepted.


Rechecks appointments will not be made more than 48 hours in advance. You must do your second topical treatment at home before a recheck appointment can be done. All complimentary rechecks will be scheduled based on our availability.


To set up your recheck please text 949-441-0081 or email


Rescheduling Requirements


If you need to reschedule your recheck appointment time you must provide a minimum of 2 hours advance notice. If you fail to notify us prior to your appointment your complimentary rechecks will be forfeited and a fee of $10 per head will be applied.



Weekend Fees/ Holiday Fees

All complimentary rechecks are scheduled Monday through Friday excluding holidays. If you prefer a weekend appointment a fee of $10 per check will be incurred even if you were treated on the weekend no exceptions will be made. If you want to come in for rechecks on a holiday a $10 per check will be incurred.


We want to give every one of our clients a chance to come in to the salon and enjoy a complimentary recheck to give you peace of mind. Of course in our attempt to provide you will quality service we have hit a few bumps in the road. We have provided these instructions in an attempt to make our time more efficient. We hope that this policy will allow us to continue to provide our clients with free rechecks as we consider it to be a very important part of your treatment plan. If for any reason you feel that you cannot make the 7-10 day time limit please just give us a call. We know that emergencies and sickness within a family can make sticking to this timeline difficult please ask us for an extension before you miss your deadline.

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