Simple Head Lice Solutions Pricing

At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we’ve taken the guesswork out of head lice removal pricing. We don’t charge by the hour, so you won’t have to keep checking your watch while we are treating  you. Instead, our rates our based on hair length and type. We believe that not charging by the hour is a more affordable and simple way to price our services. Since we are not charging by the hour we have no reason to make the appointment take longer than it should. Having head lice can be very traumatic for children and they should be able to get a break whenever they need it without you having to worry about being charged for the extra time. Products are not included with any treatment pricing and is required for the guarantee.

Current Pricing – Based on Hair Length

  • 30 Day Guarantee Free With Any Treatment

    We Stand By Our Work For 30 Days After Treatment Is Received

  • Rechecks Free With Salon Treatment- In Home Rechecks Fees Apply

    In Salon Rechecks Free - In Home Rechecks Are At Cost

  • Head Checks Free With Treatment

    In Salon Head Checks Are $10 - In Home Head Checks Are $25- Head Checks Are Free With Treatment

  • Just In Case

    A topical solution application to be applied just in case.

  • Short Hair

    Hair that will not pull into a ponytail or boy cut

  • Medium Hair

    Hair that does not touch the shoulders

  • Long Hair

    Hair that is at the shoulders but above the mid-back

  • Extra Long Hair

    Hair that is at the mid-back

  • Extra Extra Long Hair

    Hair that goes below the mid-back


Additional Fees

  • Extra Curly / Thick/ Ethnic Hair

    if you can brush the hair with a regular comb at home this extra fee will not apply to you so do not worry if it's wavy.

  • Detangling

    Depending on severity $25 or more depending on severity. Professional detangling services are offered here.

    $25 Up
  • Extreme Infestation

    Infestation of 2 months or more, or chronic lice for up to a year will require a second treatment. The second treatment is done the following day and is discounted to $50. Your technician will access the level of infestation on arrival although the chance of a second treatment is pretty rare if it is an Extreme infestation you usually know before you arrive.


We offer a money back guarantee that your child will be allowed back in school immediately after a manual treatment, and we don’t charge travel fees or mileage to come to your home.


Forms of Payment Accepted

In our treatment centers  we accept cash, credit/debit cards. We do not accept checks.

If we travel to your home we accept cash or credit/debit cards. Checks will be accepted only with owner approval, the address on your ID and your checks must match.

We offer a 10% active military discount with a valid military ID.

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