Effective and Natural Lice Removal in Palm Springs


Lice seem to be a rite of passage in the elementary school years, but that

does not mean you have to live with them. It also does not mean you have

to subject your child to harsh, chemical treatments if they do occur. Come

see how the natural lice removal services we provide at Simple Head Lice

Solutions in Palm Springs can help.



Put Your Worries to Rest

Lice can be worrisome. You have the fear that they will transfer from one

child to another, as well as the fear that they will keep coming back. Our

professionals help you address each of these problems with our simple,

natural, and effective treatment. We start by providing you with a

consultation to determine the level of infestation and the degree of

treatment. We provide consultations in-person, over-the- phone, and via

Skype to make it convenient for everyone. Once we determine there is a

lice infestation, we begin our natural treatment. While it does require patient

combing throughout the hair to remove the lice, we do not charge by the

hour. This means we can take as many breaks as your child needs without

you worrying about the hourly charges and how much is adding up.



Effective Lice Removal in Palm Springs

Natural treatments sometimes come with worries. People worry if it will be

effective or if the lice will come back. We address both of these issues by

providing you with a follow-up appointment as a part of our complete

package. Our professionals will return within 7 to 10 days to ensure that the

removal was completely successful. We also provide education to the child

and parents to help you prevent any further infestations. We are here to

help you keep your child’s head healthy and safe.



Catch the Lice Before They Mature

There are very few treatments available today that can catch lice before

they even hatch, but our treatment at Simple Head Lice Solutions does just

that. We treat the lice that are present, along with the eggs that are about

to hatch and any premature eggs we find. This means less frequent

treatments in the future, which most other treatments do not offer.



Avoid Unhealthy Side Effects

At Simple Head Lice Solutions in Palm Springs, we are very aware of the

dangers of the harsh chemicals often used for head lice removal. This is

why our professionals work only with safe, non-toxic ingredients that are

also effective. There is no reason to put your child’s health at risk to

remove lice when there are healthy alternatives.



Do you want to learn more about our safe and effective lice removal

procedures? Give us a call or email and our professionals will be happy to

consult with you in the manner that is convenient for you. We are here to

help you remove the lice from your child’s head as well as put your worries

to rest as we know how worrisome this issue can be for parents and other

family members. Give us a call today.