Professional Lice Removal Companies See Head Lice Catching Rides At Disney, Legoland, Six Flags, and Knotts

Simple Head Lice Solutions is a professional lice removal service company. We know kids across the country are looking forward to the upcoming summer break when they will be visiting friends and family.  Enjoying many sleepovers,  summer camps, staying in hotels.  Most importantly riding amusement park rides. Head lice are spread most commonly by direct head-to-head contact. Summertime fun often increases your risk of encountering lice. With these great options for adventure with your family be sure to look out for places lice could be hiding. The more crowded a place, the more exposed we can be.


Simple Head Lice Solutions has treated more than one person visiting amusements parks.

Parks like Disneyland In Anaheim California or LegoLand in Carlsbad California. 


If you are looking for roller coasters that are fun for the whole family, Six Flags is the place to go. They have huge and elaborate roller coasters that is great fun if you meet height requirement. Six Flags Magic Mountain is much more geared towards children over 10 years old. Their roller coasters are one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the world.

We also have Knotts Berry Farm which is perfect for both kids and adults. Their roller-coaster are large and exhilarating while also have a wide selection of rides and activates for the little ones as well.

SeaWorld is a great place to go and explore the wonders of the life under the sea. With dolphins, fish sharks and so many more underwater creatures to find SeaWorld is a wonderful place for both kids and adults.

Last but not least, who can leave out the one and only Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, with a wide variety of rides, games and adventure? With two parks available for fun one more geared towards kids and the other California Adventure open for a more mature crowd.

No matter what places you are enjoying this summer know that a SImple Head Lice Solutions treatment center is nearby and ready to help with any lice situations that may arise so we can keep you and your family having fun all summer.


Lice Never Go On Vacation. Don’t Catch Them On Yours.

Don’t Let Summertime Fun Lead to a Case of Head Lice

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