Using Heat To Treat Head Lice

Simple Head Lice Solutions uses their own proprietary methods and products to treat lice and nits. Every professional lice removal service has their own methods, products, and procedures to help eradicate lice and they are all different. We make no claims that they work or do not work but here is our experience with using heat to treat lice with feedback from our own customers.


Blowing It

We have had clients use companies who claim the have a one time treatment guaranteed with a special FDA device that uses heat to dehydrate lice and their eggs. We have treated these clients after their treatment with these companies using these devices failed. We have found live nits and bugs on these clients as soon as three days after having this special heat services performed. Because we do not use a heat device and only do manual removal we cannot say why their treatments did or did not work but after paying almost 200 dollars for the services with this company and the procedure did not work we know that more people like this have stories to tell and we encourage these clients to speak up about their botched treatments and post their reviews on yelp.


We have also had clients who have been treated using this special heat methods who have been rechecked and cleared by this company. A week later they have come to see us for a second opinion because they are still itching. When we check these clients properly with a comb we find bugs and nit in their hair. When asked how did this other heat treatment company “recheck” you they say that they only looked through their hair with their eyes! Any professional lice removal service who has any kind of guaranteed services should be offering their clients a manual recheck for free!. You cannot see bugs and nits with the bare eyes especially if there are only one or two. This client was then forced to do another treatment with us because the first company could not do a proper lice recheck. Visual checks are highly irresponsible and unethical in our opinion.


Getting Heated

These are only a few recent reported treatment failures on behalf of heat treatment service companies. This company has a strong hold on the market and national branding and advertising services yet they are not telling the full truth about their services. Lice removal treatments cannot be fully effective in one treatment if there are any nits not dehydrated or  missed on a comb out they are going to be hatching in a week. If the recheck is not done properly with a comb the newly hatched bugs are going to be missed on a visual inspection and the entire lice cycle will start all over again. When the client realizes they have lice again in 30-45 days they will then be out of their guarantee and forced to pay for more treatments.


Save Money

Skip the heat treatment lice removal services and stick to a manual removal company lice Simple Head Lice Solutions. We will meticulously removal all lice and nits on your first visit. Anything missed on the first treatment you will simply apply a topical solution in about a week. If you miss anything on your second topical treatment we will find it on the recheck exam which we do manually.  If we find anything on the recheck or 30 days we will retreat you for free a head check fee of $10 will be applied. We have great pride and run an ethical company that strives on full removal and great customer service. We will not skip steps or make claims that are untrue. We know your making an investment in your health when choosins a professional lice removal service and we want you to feel confident in your investment. Thank you for choosing us!

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