Removing Lice And Nits From Fine Hair

Removing lice and nits from children who have fine hair is very hard even for professionals. Once an egg or nit hatches the shell remains attached to the hair strand and continues to grow out with the hair it will never just fall off and needs to be manually removed. When these nits are empty and there is nothing for the comb to grab onto they will stay stuck in the hair as the comb will not be able to grab them and pull them out. You may have heard stories of people who tried every single product on their kids and they just never worked. This scenario is probably the main reason why those over the counter lice remedies did not work. Simple Head Lice Solutions has a variety of specified products that can help combat this fine hair battle.



The Nit Free Terminator Comb has specialized micro grooved teeth to remove lice more effectively because it is all about the comb!

What Special Products Can We Use?

Our Shell Out Softening Serum is our number one product for eliminating these empty nit shells or casings. The process of applying the serum and using heat literally melts the shells or casings off the hair strand making the removal with a comb more effective even fine and thin hair! The longer you keep the serum in your hair the more effective it will be in helping to dissolve those stubborn nits or casings. Make sure the product is applied all the way from the root of the hair to the tips. Apply a shower cap to help retain the heat from the hair as heat helps to melt them off. Once you have sat with the product on covering all the hair you can start your combing process! You purchase our serum here.



It’s All About Your Lice Removal Comb!

Simple Head Lice Solutions sells Nit Free Terminator Combs and we also use them when we provide our professional lice removal services. This comb is the number one comb used by professional nit pickers.

We use this comb specifically because the teeth are very very tight. The teeth are also spiral and micro grooved helping you to remove even the tiniest nits. You can purchase our comb online  here.

With fine hair it is so important to get a good amount of friction between the teeth of your comb to make sure your ensuring removal of those shells or casings. If your not pulling enough hair through the comb the eggs, shells, or nits are going to just slide right through the teeth.


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