Your Teen With Head Lice: A Couple Of Facts

Acne, ever changing hormones, and head lice. These are the everyday issues that teens face daily. While head lice probably wasn’t your first thought when dealing with your teen, it’s actually more common than you realize. Head lice affects approximately 6 to 12 million people every year – young, old, and teenaged. These small insects do not discriminate.

If your teenager or one of their friends has a case of head lice, not to worry. Here are a couple facts that will put your mind at ease regarding head lice and treatment options for your teen.

Fact 1: Head Lice Aren’t Dangerous.

Head lice are small insects that are adapted to living on the heads of humans. They are most frequently fond of the scalp behind the ears and near the neckline (back of the neck). As these insects are in the hair, they feed off blood in the scalp. They do not spread disease or are known to cause any major health issues. They aren’t the prettiest visual, but they’re not deadly.

While their little bites might plague your teen with seemingly endless itches, irritating, tiny red bumps and be the cause of frustration, identifying and removing them is possible.

Fact 2: Head Lice Solutions Are Possible – And They’re Easy!

When identified early on, simple head lice solutions are possible. A couple solutions that we encourage include regular head checks and use of a lice comb.

If your teen has a friend who has been found with head lice, it wouldn’t hurt to run through a head check with them, or teach them how to perform a head check themselves. Done weekly, a quick, preventative head check can be one of your teens best defenses against a lice outbreak. These checks allow you to detect any infestation before your teen or anybody else in your family is affected.

Here’s how you do it: When their hair is damp, completely cover all parts of their hair with conditioner and comb from root to tip, using a wide-toothed comb. Do this on all parts of the hair until completely detangled. Once it’s been combed through and you’re able to see all parts of the hair, do it again with a finer toothed, lice comb. Lice combs are fine-toothed combs designed to pull and remove lice and nits (lice eggs) from the scalp.

If your teen is feeling like their head lice solution is beyond a basic head check, we advise a short and simple consultation with a trained professional in lice removal. Your trained professional should be able to work with you and your teen to find the best head lice removal solution that works for them.

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