Is Old School the Best Way to Get Rid of Lice?

The old-school method of getting rid of lice involved picking them out by hand. Running a fine

toothed comb thru wet hair with conditioner on it was the chosen method back in the day for

removing lice. Some people still use this method today. Although the old school way of

removing lice works pretty well, it is very time consuming. In this fast paced world this method

may not be the best way of getting rid of lice.

When Does the Old School Method Work Best?

There are some cases when the old school way truly is the best. Young children shouldn’t be

exposed to the chemicals in common lice removal treatments. Be wary about using head lice

removal treatments on children under the age of five. Most lice shampoos contain harsh

chemicals and over time, lice have become immune to the insecticides in these shampoos. Using

the old school method or consulting a professional who uses all natural lice removal products

would probably be a better option.

What about Pesticides?

No matter what method you have your heart set on to rid your family of a pesky infestation, the

fact remains you will still have to put in the time it takes to pick out all the nits (eggs). These

nits are glued to secure themselves to individual hairs. Nits are immune to the topical shampoos

and home remedies applied to kill the live lice. It’s true that pesticides will get rid of most of the

lice, but with lice all it takes is one or two to survive and the problem simply returns within days.

Due to the fact lice are becoming immune to insecticides, they may not be as effective as the old

school method.

Using Both Methods May Work Best

For the majority, the best and most efficient way of getting rid of lice is to use a lice treatment

solution. Although they’re clinically designed to eliminate every last bug hiding in your hair, it is

becoming more common to see live lice even after several treatments. In that case, it could be

beneficial to combine the two methods. You can always check for any recurrence of head lice by

doing a hand check afterward.

Why Old School Isn’t Always the Best Way

There are multiple reasons why the old school method isn’t the best way of managing head lice.

First of all, the head is a big place and picking out everything could take hours. Also, there are

still no guarantees that you’ll catch everything. Remember that head lice are all or nothing.

You may not even see them all. The eggs are the main reason why head lice often come back and

why clinical lice treatment solutions were developed in the first place. If you do not remove

every single egg, the lice will return.

The old school way can eliminate your lice problem but this method is very inefficient and very

tedious. If you do not have the time or patients to sit for hours on end picking every single live

bug and egg out, this method will not work. With that in mind, you need to choose a product that

works for you. Do your research and choose a treatment option that’s well-reviewed and

renowned for getting rid of both lice and their eggs.

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