Why Lice Shampoo Doesn’t Work

The school calls and tells you that your child has lice. They want you to

pick her up immediately. You feel like hiding your face in a paper bag as

you walk into the office to get her. All you want to do is get her home and

wash the lice right out of her hair. You stop at the local drug store to grab

lice shampoo and head straight home to scrub the nits and lice out of her

head. Unfortunately, this is the worst thing you can do. The lice shampoo

will probably not solve the problem. In fact, it may cause even more

problems for your child.


Lice are Resistant

Throughout the years, lice have become resistant to the standard

pesticides found in lice shampoo. This is just like the bacteria that have

become resistant to standard antibiotics. Doctors are always looking for

different ways to kill the germs in order to keep kids healthy. When you use

a lice shampoo, you do not effectively remove the lice. Instead, you just

apply toxins to your child’s scalp, which can leak into their bloodstream and

organs. All of this damage occurs for no reason because it does not get rid

of the lice.


Shampoo Just Moves the Lice Around

Shampooing lice out of your hair really just moves them around. If you use

an insecticide shampoo, you might kill a few eggs or lice, but not all of

them. The only effective way to remove the lice is with careful combing.

You have to go through one area of the hair at a time, carefully combing

each nit and bug out. Each time you see a nit or live lice, you need to rinse

it off in a bowl and make sure the comb is free of them. This process may

need to be repeated several times. If you rely solely on the shampoo, you

will never catch all of the lice, which means your child will never be free of



Lice Shampoo Doesn’t Clean Other Objects

You can use all of the lice shampoo in the world, but if you don’t clean your

child’s pillows, bed sheets, stuffed animals, and anything else that touched

his head, the lice will keep spreading. Generally, lice can live for around 12-

24 hours without human blood. If your child laid on a pillow, some of the

lice may have been left behind and they may still be there when he lies

down again. You should never assume the shampoo and combing alone

eliminated the lice from your child’s head, because if you did not treat other

items his head has come in contact with while infested, he will easily

become re-infested with the affected pillow and other items.


In most cases, lice shampoo does not work and in fact, puts your child’s

health at risk. Rather than taking a chance, consider the all-natural

treatments available at many lice removal salons. When you use the

natural treatment with a professional, you get the peace of mind in knowing

that there are no more lice and that no one else in your house will suffer.

Don’t feel guilty if you did try lice shampoo and it didn’t work. Just make

sure you get proper treatment as soon as possible.

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