Get Licele$$ for only $25 Per Treatment Per Head! One Treatment done in as little as 30 minutes! 


We are a skilled team of lice removal experts, using only natural, safe, and non-toxic methods to remove lice and their eggs.


Our flat rate pricing is $25 per treatment per head not by the hour. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and administer our effective treatments, completely removing live head lice, their eggs, and their nits using pesticide-free, all-natural solutions and our proprietary combing technique. We are known for our expertise and our friendly, courteous technicians. Simple Head Lice Solutions is the leader in professional head lice removal throughout Southern California and hope to expand to other regions soon.

There are many reasons that Simple Head Lice Solutions stands out as an expert in the field of lice removal:

[+] Our Methods

We use natural, safe, and pesticide-free solutions that are effective, killing lice and their eggs every time. Our natural solution even works on premature eggs, reducing the need for followup treatments that pesticide formulas often require.

[+] Our Pricing

Current Pricing –

$25 Per Treatment Per Head

Additional Fees

  • Head Checks

    $10 in Salon / $25 In Home per head

  • Detangling

    Depending on severity

    $10- $25

Forms of Payment Accepted

In our treatment centers  we accept cash, credit/debit cards. We do not accept checks.

We offer a 10% active military discount with a valid military ID.

We also offer 10% discount for teachers or school administrators.

[+] Our Expertise

At Simple Head Lice Solutions, we have developed proprietary methods that have been demonstrated to work much better than the combing and pesticide applications of old. Our highly trained at-home and salon technicians can quickly diagnose a lice infestation and get to work removing the lice and their eggs.

[+] Service Areas

We serve the communities in and around Orange County and Riverside County California.  If you prefer, we treat clients at home discreetly or provide our expert services in one of our specialized treatment salon centers located in Southern California. We accept appointments 7 days a week for your convenience. No matter if you choose in-home lice removal services or a visit to one of our specialized treatment salons, you can be sure that you will be treated with the care and the expertise you deserve.

Visit one of our treatment centers today to learn more about Simple Head Lice Solutions in Southern California. Our treatment centers are conveniently located in: San Clemente & Riverside

Treatment Appointments
Call or Text us at 949-441-0081 or email us at Come see why Simple Head Lice Solutions is the area’s leading head lice removal experts.

The day the nurse sent my child home I was in a complete panic. I had never dealt with head lice before with my two older children and I had no idea where to start. After attempting to treat her myself and then realizing I probably had it too because we share brushes I broke down. I am pretty sure I called Simple Head Lice Solutions in tears. Jacquelyn was very sweet to me and reassuring. She showed up to our home later that day and treated our entire family. My daughter was back in school the next day. I cannot thank them enough for a job well done!

– Marcy C., Laguna Hills, CA

I had gotten lice from my daughter. We tried 3 different treatments & nothing worked! 1 treatment cost $300 too A pharmacist referred me to this place, & after trying everything I decided to call them. I got an appt for the same day, & after getting the treatment it was a big relief! No more lice eggs!

– Dan S., Anaheim, CA

My daughter (12) and several of her friends all discovered they had lice. I did a little online research and found this place. Got same day appt . Discreet location . The salon workers were friendly and put us at ease. It three hours of tedious meticulous patient combing to get my daughter clean. Natural cedar oil product smells ok. Just went back for the one week check. All clear! What a relief.

If you discover you or your child has lice I suggest you skip any attempt to self treat. Skip the rid and over the counter stuff. Save yourself the time and stress. Just come here. Then follow their advice on how to treat house and bedding. Go home, hazmat your house and be prepared to do MOUNTAINS of laundry. Take a hot shower and pour a big drink. Someday you’ll look back and laugh. But for the next few weeks you’ll be paranoid and itchy!

– Joselyn B., Solona Beach, CA


What a huge blessing it was to find Simple Head Lice solutions in San Clemente – I am now stress and worry free- after 11 days of head lice on my 2 young daughters (7 and 4) and myself I finally can rest assured it’s over. I spent $$$ money on store treatments – and expensive online treatments- I had no one to look through my hair – it’s so long and tangly- had no idea what was going on with my own lice just knew my daughters were taken care of….. Wish I had known about simple solutions from the beginning and saved myself so much money time and stress- so so so worth it! Recommend this to everyone going through it. What a happy way to end lice- 🙂 Thank u so much.

– Cybil H., San Clemente, CA


My daughter had gotten lice from school, I had been treating it for about a week found out about this facility and went in to have a free screening , the woman was very nice and she didn’t try to up sale anything needless to say if i ever come across this problem again I’ll be going back.

– Misty H. Newport Beach, CA


I had no idea that there were professional nit pickers that would come to my home. I spent weeks trying to treat my family myself. I tried every single kind of lice treatment and lice product that was on the market. I must have spent at least $600 dollars before I called Simple Head Lice Solutions. Who would have thought that a quick google search would save my life. The service was awesome, my technician was amazing. She ran that comb through the hair so fast and she taught me how to do it myself. I will never try to battle lice myself again! Trust me if you have lice call a lice removal service do not waster your time.

– Lori E., Las Vegas, NV

For a flat rate of $25 per treatment per head anyone can afford professional lice removal treatment.

Head Lice infestation can occur anytime, day or night. That is why our professional team of expert is available 7 days a week.  We offer same day appointments with convenient in-home, on-site (in our private salon) and phone or skype consultations. Give us a call today to schedule a professional, discrete and affordable treatment with our experienced head lice removal specialist.

We are now offering in-home lice removal services in the following areas: 

Southern California:
Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside