Types of Service

In-Home & Salon Lice Removal Treatment Service
Once an appointment is made for lice removal treatment service for your family, a technician will either be dispatched to your home or the salon treatment center immediately. Being discreet is our number one priority therefore our technicians will arrive in an unmarked car in plain clothing.


It is important for all members of the family to have clean dry hair, that has been combed or brushed thoroughly to avoid detangling fees. You do not have to wash everyone’s hair before your appointment but if you have any styling products or pesticide treatments in the hair then you must wash that out before your appointment.


If you need to be treated the technician will apply an all natural, pesticide free, cedar oil treatment to your hair and start our meticulous combing method. This product will sit on your head for up to 5 minutes. Once the cedar oil treatment  is put on your head, then another family member will start their treatment while you are waiting.


As the cedar oil treatment is allowed to sit on your head, it is doing two things. It is releasing all the glue from the eggs, and it is killing all of the nymphs, and lice on your head. This is where most other lice treatments fail. Enzyme treatments are not %100 effective at killing the bugs on your head, so even after an enzyme treatment you may still have live lice on your heads.


After the cedar oil treatment is allowed to sit on your head you the combing process can start. We will continue our meticulous combing method until all nits, nymphs, and bugs are no longer being removed from your head. You will be given follow up instructions and lice prevention techniques.


A recheck appointment is not always necessary but is offered for free when you receive your treatment in our salon. We are here to help but most importantly we make it Simple!

Phone Consultations

We are the the head lice removal professionals. We are here to make it Simple! Call us today to answer any questions that you may have regarding treatment, prevention, or after care instructions. No question is too small or obsolete. We want to help families in any way and every way possible.

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