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Lice can arrive anytime – day or night. Call us today at 888-540-9853 for a same day appointment!

We’ll help you eliminate infestations quickly, safely and affordably. We’re available by phone 24 hours a day for in-home or salon treatments.


Our Lice Treatment centers are now open in:
San Clemente , Riverside , Carlsbad, and Anaheim


We offer in-home lice removal services in the following areas:

Southern California
Orange County & N. San Diego County

Lake Havasu, Arizona
Lake Havasu, Parker, Bullhead, Kingman


Interested in becoming a technician? We’re hiring!
Please use the contact form below & we will respond to you shortly.


Interested in opening up your own lice removal business?
If you are located outside of Southern California and would like to have the opportunity to start your own lice removal service company and would like to be mentored and trained contact us for help. We offer a full mentorship program with lice removal certification.

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