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We use all Natural products that are non-toxic and pesticide free!

We are professional lice removal technicians. We use natural and non-toxic head lice removal products to kill lice and their eggs. With Simple Head Lice Removal Solutions, we offer same day service with no hourly fees and include a complete satisfaction, money back guarantee that comes with our head lice removal services. Keep head lice removal simple with natural solutions from our skilled and friendly specialists. You don't have to do it alone.

Current Pricing- Based on Hair Length Short Hair- $50 (Hair that will not pull into a ponytail or boy cut) Medium Hair- $75 (Hair that is shoulder length or above) Long Hair- $100 (Hair that is below the shoulder but above the mid back) Extra Long Hair- $125 ( Hair that is below the mid back) Extra Extra Long Hair- $150 (Hair that is below the waist) Additonal Fees Head Checks- $10 in Salon/ $25 In Home per head Extra Curly $25 Detangling- $25 Severe Infestation $50 infestation of 2 months or more, or chronic lice for up to a year
Simple Head Lice Solutions now offers our very own safe, all natural, pesticide free lice removal products for sale at www.louseslastbreath.com

Simple Head Lice Solutions is here to help.

Whether you need discrete in-home treatment or expert treatment in our salon, Simple Head Lice Solutions has the professional resources to diagnose and properly administer treatment for the removal of nits, louse, and head lice. Following 7-10 days after treatment, you will receive a free recheck if you were treated in our salon, fee applies for in home services. Give us a call or email us to schedule a discrete head lice removal appointment and say goodbye to lice today.

Simple Head Lice Solutions is now offering Head Lice Removal Certification Classes!

For more information please visit www.licetechcertification.com

Contact our expert staff at 949-441-0081 or email us at simpleheadlicesolutions.com


We believe in being upfront about our pricing, we charge per/head based on the level of infestation and we do not charge by the hour like most companies. We need to be able to give kids time for a break when we are combing them out and when you are paying by the hour that can get expensive. We do it right the first time guaranteed so there is no need for a second, third, or even forth treatment. Beware of rogue companies that want you to keep coming back again and again. We know how to professionally eliminate head lice and their eggs in the first treatment, so you will save time and money with Simple Head Lice Solutions.

Kid washing hands-no lice


Head Lice infestation can occur anytime, day or night. That is why our professional team of expert head lice technicians are available 24/7. We offer same day appointments with convenient in-home, on-site (in our private salon) and phone or skype consultations. Give us a call today to schedule a professional, discrete and affordable treatment with our experienced head lice removal specialist.


We are now offering in-home lice removal services in the following areas:
Southern California
Orange County, San Diego County,and Riverside County
Lake Havasu City, Parker, Bullhead areas

We offer a money back guarantee that your child will be back in school the very next day after an in home treatment.

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