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Welcome to Simple Head Lice Solutions! We are a skilled team of lice removal experts, using only natural, safe, and non-toxic methods to kill lice and their eggs. We proudly offer our clients same-day service at pricing that is based on hair length, not expensive hourly fees. And, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our expert lice removal treatments. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and administer our effective treatments, completely removing live head lice, their eggs, and their nits using pesticide-free, all-natural solutions and our proprietary combing technique. We are known for our expertise and our friendly, courteous technicians. We believe in doing things right the first time, not wasting your valuable time with expensive followup visits. Simple Head Lice Solutions is the leader in professional head lice removal throughout Southern California and communities in Arizona.

The Simple Head Lice Solutions Difference

There are many reasons that Simple Head Lice Solutions stands out as an expert in the field of lice removal:

Our methods – we use natural, safe, and pesticide-free solutions that are effective, killing lice and their eggs every time. Our natural solution even works on premature eggs, reducing the need for followup treatments that pesticide formulas often require.

Our pricing – we don’t charge by the hour. Instead, we believe in a fair pricing schedule based on hair length and type. Lice removal treatments can take time, which can lead to concerns when hourly rates are part of the equation. Our flat-rate and affordable pricing helps our clients get the treatment they need without costly overtime fees.

Our expertise – at Simple Head Lice Solutions, we have developed proprietary methods that have been demonstrated to work much better than the combing and pesticide applications of old. Our highly trained at-home and salon technicians can quickly diagnose a lice infestation and get to work removing the lice and their eggs.

Our Lice Removal Service Area

We serve the communities in and around Orange County, California, North San Diego County, and the Lake Havasu, Bullhead, and Parker areas of Arizona. If you prefer, we treat clients at home discreetly or provide our expert services in one of our specialized treatment salons located in Southern California. We accept appointments 7 days a week for your convenience. No matter if you choose in-home lice removal services or a visit to one of our specialized treatment salons, you can be sure that you will be treated with the care and the expertise you deserve.

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Visit one of our treatment centers today to learn more about Simple Head Lice Solutions in Southern California. Our treatment centers are conveniently located in:

  • San Clemente – call the salon at 888-540-9853

  • Riverside – call the salon at (951) 588-5583

  • Carlsbad – call the salon at (858) 314-3770

  • Anaheim – call the salon at 888-540-9853

To schedule at-home appointments, call us at (888) 540-9853 or email us at Come see why Simple Head Lice Solutions is the area’s leading head lice removal experts.

Lice Removal Treatments and Pricing


We believe in being upfront about our pricing, we charge per/head based on the level of infestation and we do not charge by the hour like most companies. We need to be able to give kids time for a break when we are combing them out and when you are paying by the hour that can get expensive. We do it right the first time guaranteed so there is no need for a second, third, or even forth treatment. Beware of rogue companies that want you to keep coming back again and again. We know how to professionally eliminate head lice and their eggs in the first treatment, so you will save time and money with Simple Head Lice Solutions.

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Head Lice infestation can occur anytime, day or night. That is why our professional team of expert head lice technicians are available 24/7. We offer same day appointments with convenient in-home, on-site (in our private salon) and phone or skype consultations. Give us a call today to schedule a professional, discrete and affordable treatment with our experienced head lice removal specialist.


We are now offering in-home lice removal services in the following areas:
Southern California
Orange County, San Diego County,and Riverside County
Lake Havasu City, Parker, Bullhead areas

We offer a money back guarantee that your child will be back in school the very next day after an in home treatment.

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